South Fulton’s City Manager, Sharon Subadan, Promoted from Interim Position

city manager
Sharon Subadan (left) and Mayor khalid kamau (right)

Following a successful nine-month stint as interim city manager, Sharon D. Subadan has been officially appointed as the City Manager for the City of South Fulton. You can read more about Sharon at this link.

During her interim role, Subadan spearheaded various initiatives focusing on infrastructure improvements and community engagement programs.

In a news release Mayor khalid kamau praised Subadan’s contributions, highlighting key achievements such as overhauling the finance department, addressing mold and asbestos issues in existing buildings, and constructing new facilities. The decision to make Subadan the permanent City Manager was unanimous. In her acceptance of the permanent position, Subadan expressed gratitude and reiterated her commitment to fostering collaboration, transparency, and equitable prosperity across the community.

With Subadan’s leadership, South Fulton aims to continue its progress, ensuring sustainable growth and an enhanced quality of life for its residents.

Sharon presented at CQG’ South Metro Roundtable in September. To read a recap of that meeting, click the button below.

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