Advisory Roundtable Recap: South Fulton’s Sharon Subadan

South Metro Advisory Roundtable Recap
September 19th, 2023
Speaker: Sharon Subadan, Interim City Manager, City of South Fulton

On Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, The Council welcomed Sharon Subadan to September’s Advisory Roundtable for the South Metro region. Thank you Sharon for providing a glimpse into an exciting time for South Fulton, and thank you Pieper O’Brien Herr for sponsoring today’s event.

The city of South Fulton has grown 38% in five years, Sharon said, “jumping straight from childhood to adulthood.” This population growth makes South Fulton the fourth largest city in Georgia (excluding combined county cities). Our sponsor also noted that Atlanta has the least residentially-developed airport area in the country. With rapid population growth and plenty of untouched land, Sharon’s team is focused on developing South Fulton the right way.

Working with the city’s largest budget ever ($206mm), Sharon has created a plan to prioritize public facilities, public safety, workforce development, and future planning. A large portion of funding will go towards streetlights, parks, roads, traffic calming, and a customer service call center. Another bulk of funding is earmarked for fire and police headquarters, staff, and equipment, and a permanent city hall. The city is also working on funding to increase its minimum wage to $20 per hour.

In the near-term, Sharon’s team continues to build out these comprehensive plans. They are also engaged in an impact fee study.

See this PDF link of her presentation for further details.