Decades of Promoting Responsible Development

It all began in a crisis when Gwinnett was expanding at a rate literally unparalleled in the nation. We faced a seemingly irreconcilable set of circumstances – welcoming the long-awaiting economic development while managing infrastructure shortfalls and rapidly changing public attitudes. Developers, builders, bankers, architects, engineers, and others who were providing the spark for Gwinnett’s economic engine responded by forming the Council for Quality Growth. While different in their perspectives, they were united due to their shared commitment to create a sustainable future for Gwinnett.

As the Council’s sphere of influence continued to grow and cover the entire metro Atlanta region, Council members were increasingly called upon to take leadership roles for the private sector in discussion of public policy. They were committed to keeping standards high in tough times – even as economic conditions for most sectors of the development, real estate, and construction industries began to deteriorate. Partnerships among diverse industry interests began to emerge through the very foundation of the Council’s mission.

Four decades later, the Council for Quality Growth is the regional voice for metro Atlanta’s growth industry. The organization is recognized as an essential partner in community, regional, and statewide decision making. By getting all interested parties to the table, providing credible research, offering the expertise of our members, and listening and communicating openly with everyone, the Council provides an effective forum for problem solving and works to ensure continued growth and economic success for generations to come.

  • Council for Quality Growth was established
  • Established a Sewer Moratorium
  • Created the Lane Use Plan
  • Helped shape Floodplain Regulations
  • Advocated the adoption of State Impact Fee Standards & Procedures Law
  • Advocated the adoption of Growth Strategies Commission Legislation
  • Lobbied the implementation of State Watershed Protection Regulations
  • Advocated the passage of Federal Water Quality Standards
  • Helped create uniform Mailbox and Sidewalk Regulations
  • Button Gwinnett Tribute established
  • Lobbied the passage of the Buffer, Landscape and Tree Ordinance
  • Assisted with the creation of the Water & Sewer Master Plan
  • Advocated the passage of the Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Law
  • Established the NPDES Permit
  • Conducted the State Technical Study on Soil Erosion Control
  • Assisted with the ARC’s Long Range Regional Development Plan
  • Championed the Regional Storm Water Manual Review
  • Formed the Georgia Greenspace Program
  • Created the Livable Centers Initiative
  • Advocated for the Erosion Control & NPDES Permit
  • Council expands mission to serve the region
  • Lobbied the passage of Senate Bill 460 – Stream Buffer Variance Bill
  • Advocated the adoption of the Cobb Open Space Community Ordinance
  • Worked with local leaders to create the City of Atlanta Redevelopment & BeltLine Initiative
  • Helped create the Cobb Redevelopment Overlay District
  • Lobbied the adoption of the Gwinnett Discharge Permit
  • Helped establish the Gwinnett County New Senior Housing Zoning District
  • Conducted the Fulton County Economic Impact Study
  • Reshaped the DeKalb County Rezoning Procedures
  • Created the Fulton County Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance
  • Advocated the creation of the Cobb County Continuing Care Retirement Communities Ordinance
  • Established the Milton Tree Ordinance
  • Worked with the City to create the Sandy Springs Water Conservation and Reuse Policy
  • Helped shape the Etowah Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan
  • Helped shape the Gwinnett 2030 Unified Comprehensive Plan
  • Advocated the passage of the Statewide Transportation Funding Bill
  • Lobbied for the passage of the Water Stewardship Act
  • Helped create the Fulton County Department of Economic Development
  • Led reform process for City of Atlanta office of buildings permitting process, which created the enterprise fund and fiscal oversight committee
  • Helped create the City of Atlanta Office of Buildings Technical Advisory Committee
  • Through Council membership, provided significant input into revisions of the Dekalb County zoning ordinance (implementation upcoming)
  • Passed the Opportunity Zones Bill
  • Led process overhauling DeKalb County permitting process
  • Engaged Council members and county staff to shape the new DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance
  • Participated in the Gwinnett County Unified Development code revision
  • Lobbied for the passage of Senate Bill 299, the Watershed Protection Bill
  • Advocated the passage of the Transportation Funding Act of 2015 at the Georgia’s General Assembly
  • Lobbied for the passing of HB170, the GA General Assembly Transportation Funding Act of 2015
  • Celebrated 30th anniversary of promoting balanced and responsible growth
  • Advocated for Impact Fee revisions in Sandy Springs and Forsyth County
  • Lobbied against Multi-Story wood building ordinances region-wide
  • Participated in BeltLine Overlay Ordinance for Workforce Housing
  • Successfully advocated for Senate Bill 369-MARTA Tax Act
  • Participated in Forsyth County UDC changes
  • Advocated for City of Atlanta Zoning Ordinance revisions
  • Provided input to Brookhaven Affordable housing ordinance
  • Successfully advocated for House Bill 134- allowing for special district mass transportation sales and use tax
  • Helped develop Cobb parking standards
  • Provided input to Lawrenceville Comp Plan
  • Participated in DeKalb FOG ordinance update
  • Advocated for Atlanta Transit Link Authority legislation and participated in Board establishment
  • Advocated for development-friendly Forsyth Residential Design Standards
  • Provided input on Dunwoody’s parking requirements
  • Lobbied against mandatory undergrounding of overhead utilities
  • Submitted preliminary comments on the initial outline of Atlanta’s tree protection ordinance rewrite
  • Testified and submitted policy recommendations for the GA House Committee on Workforce Housing
  • Lobbied against efforts to expand the scope of Georgia’s Development Impact Fee law
  • Successfully advocated for Georgia’s A/E/C and real estate industries, both commercial and residential to be deemed essential businesses amid COVID-19 statewide shelter-in-place order
  • Testified and submitted initial recommendations on the City of Atlanta’s impact fee update

Past Presidents and Board Chairs

  • 1986-87: Alvin Ray Weeks, Jr.
  • 1988: Frank B. McGowan
  • 1989: Thomas W. Wheeler, Jr.
  • 1990: Allen M. Richardson
  • 1991: Richard L. Porter
  • 1992: Bryan Cohen
  • 1993: Roger C. Willis
  • 1994: Michael K. Dominy
  • 1995: Alfred F. Skiba
  • 1996: Thomas J. Andersen
  • 1997: Glenn S. White
  • 1998: Forrest L. Adair
  • 1999: J. Dennis Billew
  • 2000: J.R. Connolly
  • 2001: Steve Gaultney
  • 2002: Jim Braden
  • 2003: Mike Guynn
  • 2004: T. Michael Tennant
  • 2005: Kerry Armstrong
  • 2006: Woody Snell
  • 2007: David Seago
  • 2008: Wade Beavers
  • 2009: Alvin P. Nash
  • 2010: Gerald L. Pouncey, Jr.
  • 2011: Forrest Robinson
  • 2012: G. Douglas Dillard
  • 2013: H. Mason Zimmerman
  • 2014: S. Brent Reid
  • 2015: Tim Lowe
  • 2016: Scott Condra
  • 2017: Andy Macke
  • 2018: Steve Labovitz
  • 2019: Ann Hanlon
  • 2020: Paul Corley
  • 2021: Doug Jenkins
  • 2022: Albert G. Edwards
  • 2023: Robert A. Ross

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