RE-WATCH The 2024 State of Rockdale

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, the Council for Quality Growth and Rockdale County Government hosted the 2024 State of Rockdale County at Rockdale County Auditorium in Conyers. Over 300 Council and Chamber members, elected officials, businesses, residents, county staff, and partners of Rockdale County gathered to hear Chairman of Rockdale County’s Board of Commissioners, Oz Nesbitt, Sr.’s annual State of the County Address. The breakfast program was presented by Atlas and Volkert.

Chairman Nesbitt opened his 8th State of Rockdale address by unveiling this year’s theme – ACT: Advance, Collaborate, and Thrive – and announcing that the county’s “Reimagine Rockdale” Strategic Plan will be completed and released this spring. Nesbitt announced this plan at his 2023 State of the County as a means of prioritizing the current and future infrastructure needs of Rockdale. Among a long list of progress being made across county departments, Chairman Nesbitt and his Commissioners are making intentional investments towards future planning. The Council for Quality Growth commends the work of the leadership to better understand the challenges of infrastructure capacity and its impact on future community and economic development. The development of an Infrastructure Master Plan will “provide a comprehensive roadmap and guide as we further develop Rockdale County’s infrastructure into an adaptable, real-time, future-focused plan,” said Chairman Nesbitt.

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Re-Watch the 2024 State of Rockdale County Address