2020 Annual Meeting Resources

Thank you for joining us for our 35th Annual Meeting. We know this year has been full of of unexpected things and we want to say thank you to all of our members and partners. Through your support and partnership, we are able to continue our mission of promoting balanced and responsible growth throughout metro Atlanta.

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Council Cares – The Howard School

Council for Quality Growth 2020 Board Chairman, Paul Corley selected the Howard School as the organization for Council Cares to support this year. All funds raised will help with the campus expansion at the Howard School.

Crosby is the nephew of Paul Corley, Regional President of Empire Communities. In 2012, at the young age of 4, Crosby was diagnosed with a rare metabolic genetic disorder, Urea Cycle Disorder. The side effects of this disorder are elevated ammonia levels that accumulate to toxic levels in the brain which affects brain function, behavior, and school performance. After a long medical journey, Crosby’s health finally stabilized. The goal became to provide him with the best possible educational resources as his learning differences include dyslexia, language disorders, and executive functioning deficits. The family chose The Howard School.

Crosby is now in his 8th year at Howard and his academic growth has been extraordinary. He has a passion and joy for learning. The family credits The Howard School, their teachers and staff for this remarkable achievement.

About The Howard School

The Howard School’s mission is to educate students who have average to above average intelligence, but struggle with a complexity of learning challenges, which may include learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia; language disorders that affect the ability to comprehend or express verbal and auditory signals; and, executive function challenges, such as paying attention, and retaining information. Using layers of expert teaching support and assistive technology, Howard School’s education model enables students to thrive and learn with confidence.

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