Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to be Heard by DeKalb County Board of Commissioners

A zoning ordinance text amendment has been presented to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners which will no longer allow liquor stores, pawn shops, check cashing establishments, drive-through restaurants, automobile repair and maintenance shops or convenience stores (with or without gas pumps) as a permitted use by right in the Neighborhood Shopping, Light Commercial (C-1) or Commercial (C-2) Districts.  If approved, these uses will require a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) to open.  In addition, if approved, all of these uses currently existing without a SLUP will become non-conforming.  The amendment is intended to address criminal activity and public nuisance concerns created by these buildings.  To view the text amendment analysis, click here.

The text amendment will appear before the DeKalb Board of Commissioners on November 15th at 6:30pm.