Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

The next meeting of the PEP Committee will be held on July 8th. The Council for Quality Growth and our DeKalb Advisory Committee are working to develop a series of recommendations to the BOC to encourage them to move this process forward.  The rewrite has been ongoing for over a year, and business is going elsewhere while the County waits.  If you are interested in helping develop a position, please contact Council staff.

The BOC met with CQG members and other from the development industry on November 9th to discuss the zoning code rewrite.  The development community was asked to assemble a list of concerns with the rewrite, specifically within the commercial and mixed use categories.  The BOC is scheduled to discuss the issues around the rewrite at the November 13th retreat.  After that discussion, the consultant and staff will revisit areas that receive policy direction from the BOC.

Currently, the rewrite is being reviewed by the Planning, Economic Development, and Public Works (PEP) Committee.  Commissioners and Planning Commission members assembled a list of questions and comments related to the changes and they reviewed approximately half of those during the October 20th meeting.  The remaining comments will be heard by the Committee before the public meetings occur.

The schedule for adoption is unclear at this point, but it appears that the revisions will need at least one more PEP Committee meeting in November before being sent out for a standard round of comments.  Pond & Co. is serving as the consultant to the County, and they continue to work with both county staff and the BOC to help develop policy.

Link to DeKalb Zoning Code Rewrite

List of Concerns from Commissioners from 10/20/09 Committee Meeting