Woodstock Refines Proposed Impact Fees Again

he City of Woodstock continues its work on a proposed Impact Fees program.  The item is expected to be discussed at the Council’s regular meeting on July 21st. The revised Methodology Report identifies impact fee for parks & recreation and roads.  The parks & recreation program included a listing of projected capital needs out to 2030 and included items such as land acquisition, infrastructure development and a Community Center (YMCA/Senior Center).  The roads program included needed intersections improvements within the City.  The total maximum impact fee for both categories would be $6,117.12 per single family dwelling unit, $5,188.14 per apartment unit, and $4,936.27. per condo/townhome.  Commercial impact fees are applied only to roadways and would be calculated based on a pre-set formula calculating square footage or acreage, number of employees or rooms, etc. and would vary from $0.04 to $25,129.19 per measured unit depending on the type of land use being proposed.  For more details please read the new report which is below.  Council staff will continue to monitor the issue closely.

Impact Fee Methodology Report v 7– May 2007

Revised Impact Fee Methodology Report– April 2007

Impact Fee Methodology Report v4 – Feb. 2007 (Original)