Wish List of Regional Transportation Projects

The Atlanta Regional Commission compiled 437 project submittals from local governments into one wish list and handed it over for the Georgia Department of Transportation Director of Planning to review on April 15th.  GDOT Director of Planning Todd Long may use input from this list to develop the unconstrained list that will be presented to the Regional Roundtable around June 1st.  Projects can be added, deleted or modified at the discretion of the Director of Planning.  The Atlanta Regional Roundtable can then use the list submitted by Mr. Long to develop the final project list for citizens to vote on in July 2012.  The list is a work in progress and all the information is still under review.  Costs are not included in the ARC list but will be in the unconstrained list submitted to the Roundtable.  You can read the full list of project submittals here.