Week 1

A Legislative Sprint: The General Assembly Convenes

The Georgia General Assembly kicked off what is shaping up to be a Session that will work at a sprinters pace due to a federal judge’s ruling that federal elections in Georgia be held on May 20th, the earliest primary date in Georgia’s history. This has led the General Assembly to introduce a bill (House Bill 310) that will move the state primaries up to May 20th.

Legislators will be quick to adjourn as quickly as possible in order to resume fundraising (which is barred for incumbent office holders while the General Assembly is in Session) and campaigning on the eve of the earlier primary date.  The House Bill was passed by the Senate as a substitute bill  on January 14th and goes to the House of Representatives for adoption.

The Legislature has adopted an Adjournment Resolution that has the General Assembly in Session for Days 1-5 the week of January 13th-17th and Days 6-9 on January 21st-25th.

Check back next week for more in-depth coverage of the Georgia General Assembly.