Water Conservation Ordinance

The Gwinnett Board of Commissioners adopted new regulations on water conservation to meet the requirements of the 2010 Georgia Water Stewardship Act (SB 370) which requires local governments to adopt certain provisions by January 1, 2011.  The ordinance was adopted on November 16th.  The new ordinance allows for outdoor watering for certain purposes seven days a week during non-drought periods but not between 10 am and 4 pm.  Wasting water is prohibited in the new law and is subject to enforcement.  An example of wasting water would be something such as failure to repair a controllable leak.  The new ordinance will allow $300,000 to be allocated to extend the toilet rebate program in 2011 which gives rebates of $50 or $100 to homeowners who replace pre-1993 toilets with certain new water-saving models.  Gwinnett homeowners have replace 6,676 toilets under the program through September of this year.  You can learn more about the new ordinance here and the new toilet rebate program here.