Watch Committee for Better Atlanta 2021 Candidate Forums

On Tuesday June 8, 2021 the Committee for a better Atlanta (CBA) held the City of Atlanta Mayor, City Council President, At-Large Districts, and City Council Candidate Forums. The CBA is a nonpartisan business coalition whose mission is to foster a healthy business environment by advocating a common business and civic agenda to policymakers as well as citizens. The Council for Quality Growth is a proud Board Member of the CBA. CBA members screen candidates running for mayor, city council president, and city council with a focus on issues including economic development, infrastructure, public safety, transportation, and many others.  Addressing the business and civic issues will help Atlanta maintain business and create a sustainable community.

Please click here to watch the CBA Mayor, Council President, and At-Large Districts Forum Candidate Forums.

Please click here to watch the City Council Candidate Forums.

The list below were candidates present at the Tuesday forums.

Mayor Candidates:

  • Antonio Brown
  • Andre Dickens
  • Sharon Gay
  • Felicia Moore
  • Walter Reeves

City Council President Candidates:

  • Natalyn Archibong
  • Courtney English
  • Mike Russell
  • Doug Shipman

At-Large Districts Candidates:

  • Michael Julian Bond, Post 1 At-Large (I)
  • Alfred Shivy Brooks, Post 1 At-Large
  • Brandon Cory Goldberg, Post 1 At-Large
  • Todd Gray, Post 1 At-Large
  • Jereme Sharpe, Post 1 At-Large
  • Matt Westmoreland, Post 2 At-Large (I)
  • Jacki Labat, Post 3 At-Large
  • Ralph Long, Post 3 At-Large
  • Jodi Merriday, Post 3 At-Large

City Council District 1 Candidates:

  • Clarence Blalock
  • Nathan Clubb
  • Kelly-Jeanne Lee
  • Jason Winston

City Council District 2 Candidate:

  • Amir Farokhi , District 2 (I)

City Council District 3 Candidate:

  • Brandon Graham

City Council District 4 Candidates:

  • Rogelio Arcila
  • Larry Carter
  • Jason Dozier
  • Kim Scott
  • Cleta Winslow (I)

City Council District 5 Candidates:

  •  Samuel Bacote
  • Liliana Bakhtiari
  • Jennifer Ide (I)
  • Katie Kissel
  • Mandy Mahoney
  • Doug Williams

City Council District 7 Candidates:

  • Howard Shook (I)

City Council District 8 Candidates:

  • Nicolas Uppal

City Council District 9 Candidates:

  • Dustin Hillis (I)
  • Devin Barrington-Ward

City Council District 11 Candidates:

  • Marci Collier (I)

City Council District 12 Candidates:

  • Joyce Sheperd (I)
  • Jenne Shepherd