Update on Path400, New Funding Boost

Path400, a 5.2 mile greenway in North Atlanta, recently secured $400,000 to fund its connection between Buckhead and Sandy Springs. The path currently runs alongside GA400 in the middle of Buckhead, and construction is underway to its south and north. Once completed, Path 400 will be the centerpiece of a broader greenspace plan, the Buckhead Collection, initiated by Atlanta Councilman Howard Shook.

Denise Starling, Executive Director of Livable Buckhead, attributed the funds’ efforts to Justin Cutler (Commissioner of Atlanta’s Parks and Recreation Department) Solomon Caviness (Commissioner of Atlanta DOT), and Councilman Howard Shook.

This announcement follows a $250 million grant for the Atlanta BeltLine that will directly benefit Path400 by funding a connection between the two paths, as well as Peachtree Creek Greenway and Southfork Conservancy trails.

Livable Buckhead is spearheading the PATH400 project in partnership with the Buckhead Community Improvement District (Buckhead CID) and the PATH Foundation. Several other agencies and organizations are involved in the development of PATH400, including Georgia Department of Transportation, the City of Atlanta, MARTA, Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit B, and Atlanta Public Schools.

Starling has been writing updates – giving us “the dirt” – on Path400 in frequent posts on the Livable Buckhead website.

She will also be joining us for our Nov. 14th Metro Atlanta Transportation Operators Forum. For more information on the transportation forum, please contact Joseph Santoro at js@councilforqualitygrowth.org.