Tucker CID and the Council for Quality Growth Co-Host Successful Lunch and Learn

Tucker CID President Ann Rosenthal, in partnership with the Council, hosted a very successful Lunch and Learn on Tuesday that included Council President & CEO Michael Paris as the moderator. More than 30 local businesses and property owners in attendance gathered information and asked questions regarding the expansion of the Tucker CID into the Northlake Mall area, demonstrating the area’s strong community involvement that will be needed to make the expansion possible.

Council Board member Tad Leithead was among the panelists and started off the discussion by explaining the value of CID investment. In fact, he called the self-imposed tax exactly that, an investment in their immediate community that will improve businesses’ bottom lines by making the area more accessible, attractive, and competitive in the region and beyond.

Leithead continued by explaining the functionality of CIDs and how the locally appointed board members determine how the collected revenue is spent. He also highlighted the standard process CIDs face every six years as their continued existence is voted upon. Leithead, who is the Chairman of Georgia’s first CID, Cumberland, stated that there has never even been a single vote opposed to the continuance of the Cumberland CID, demonstrating the value and satisfaction associated with that CID.

Another panelist, former State Senator Doug Stoner, also expressed his support the CID expansion, citing the significant transportation infrastructure improvements other CIDs have accomplished. As mentioned in discussion, the unique grant opportunity CIDs have with the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) is instrumental in providing such infrastructure through loans with the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank.

If the expansion of the CID is approved, the name will change to Tucker/Northlake CID to reflect the areas it would encompass. If you are a property owner in the proposed expansion boundary, consent forms are needed by the end of April as they must be received by the DeKalb Tax Commissioner by May 5th.

In order for the expansion to occur, more than 50% of all property owners within the Northlake expansion boundary must approve and represent at least 75% of property equity.

For more information on the Northlake/Tucker CID, click HERE.