Cobb County Mobility SPLOST 2024


A Mobility Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (MSPLOST) is under consideration for referendum on the November 2024 ballot in Cobb County. It would be Cobb’s first transit-related referendum since 1967.

In December 2023, the MSPLOST’s Program of Projects was approved by the Cobb Board of Commissioners and, on February 1st, 2024, was reviewed by the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL). This first ATL readthrough opened a 30-day period for public comment, which is the current stage of the process. Next steps include an official ATL amendment, a meeting of Cobb cities, a BOC resolution to establish its intent to call for referendum, an ATL approval of that intent, and another BOC resolution to place that referendum on the November 2024 ballot. To read more about the timeline, see the bottom of this webpage.

If included on the ballot and approved by voters, the one penny sales tax would collect a projected $10.87 billion over thirty years to fund transit-related projects. High capacity transit (BRT, ART) and microtransit would be the focus. According to the Program of Projects Overview, this expansion will provide the following transportation improvements to Cobb County:

  • Regional mobility through direct connections to three MARTA Stations (Dunwoody, Arts Center, and HE Holmes)
  • Connectivity to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
  • Countywide microtransit zones providing transportation for all including disabled, veteran, and elderly populations
  • Transit connectivity to all seven cities and three Community Improvement Districts within Cobb County
  • Transit connectivity to Kennesaw State University, Life University, Chattahoochee Technical College, and other higher education institutions
  • Transit connectivity to key entertainment venues, business centers, and healthcare institutions
  • Construction of bicycle and pedestrian facilities to provide comfortable connectivity and access to the expanded transit system

Cobb Strategic Plan Approved

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September 2023

MSPLOST Program of Projects Approved

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December 2023

Public Outreach Contract Awarded

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January 2024

First Readthrough by Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority; 30-Day Comment Period Opened

Per the HB930 process, Cobb’s Program of Projects must be approved by the ATL and the Atlanta Region Transit Plan (ARTP) must be amended to include any additional projects. ATL requires a 30-day public comment period before an amendment is made.

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February 2024

ATL 30-Day Public Comment Period

(Current Stage)


Cobb DOT Letter to Cities to Notice Date, Time, Place, and Purpose of Meeting

Per the HB930 process, Cobb DOT must host a meeting discussing the proposed Program of Projects, notifying all Cobb cities 10 days before the meeting date.

Est. March 26th, 2024

ATL Amends ARTP Consistent with Cobb Proposed ARTP Amendment

April 4th, 2024

Official Meeting with Cities

Est. April 5th, 2024

BOC Resolution to Notify ATL of Intent to Call for Referendum and Submit Requested Project List

Est. April 9th, 2024

Cobb DOT to Provide Notice to ATL of Intent to Call for Referendum and Submit Requested Project List

Est. May 20th, 2024

ATL Notifies County of Approval or Denial of Projects Submitted for Referendum

June 6th, 2024

BOC Resolution to Place Referendum on November 2024 Ballot

Est. June 11th, 2024

DOT to Coordinate with Elections Committee to Advertise Referendum for Four Weeks

Est. June 11th, 2024

Potential MSPLOST Referendum

November 5, 2024

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