Transit Governance Task Force Releases Final Report

The task force that was created by Governor Nathan Deal in September 2011 to develop recommendations for the development of a regional transit governance entity has released its final report.  In the report, the task force members recommended that the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) serve as the governing authority over regional transit responsible for the oversight and accountability of transit systems in the region.  A division would be created within GRTA  that would be responsible for transit governance.

The report also calls for the creation of a Transit Governance Council consisting of 13 members: the 13 county commission chairmen in the transit governance jurisdiction, two at-large county commissioners, 13 mayors, the Mayor of Atlanta, one at-large mayor or elected city official, three of the Governor’s appointments to the GRTA Board, one of the Speaker’s appointments to the GRTA Board, and one of the Lieutenant Governor’s appointments to the GRTA Board.  There would also be at-large appointments made by the Governor.

The Transit Governance Task Force provided draft legislation to the governor on January 23rd.

CLICK HERE to read the Transit Governance Task Force’s final report.