The Council for Quality Growth Expands to Henry County

henry-county-mapIncorporating the Henry Council for Quality Growth into the regional organization promises to strengthen the presence of the 32-year-old organization.

The Council for Quality Growth will bring the Henry Council for Quality Growth into its regional footprint in January 2017. The Henry Council has played an integral role in the county’s economic development and quality of life since 1999. The regional Council will now serve Henry’s members, providing them with additional opportunities to influence local and state policy, access information about industry and regional policy issues, and engage with the region’s business leaders.

“As the voice for the development industry, the Council for Quality Growth is a facilitator of discussions among the development and growth community, regulators, policy makers, and governmental staff,” said Council President and CEO Michael Paris. “This merger will magnify Henry County’s voice in these discussions and further deepen the Council for Quality Growth’s regional footprint.”

Steve Cash, who has served as the Executive Director of the Henry Council since 2003, will work with the Council for Quality Growth’s advocacy team in Henry as it addresses head-on strategic economic planning, infrastructure needs, and tough quality-of-life issues throughout the metro Atlanta region and state.

“The Henry Council has been a powerful advocate for those at the intersection of public policy and private investment, guiding the county’s growth over the last 18 years,” said Cash. “The Council for Quality Growth will continue these efforts, further solidifying the county’s place as a major player in the Atlanta region.”

“This merger enhances the Council’s ability to share best practices to support thriving communities and a prospering economy across the entire region,” said Andy Macke, 2017 Council Chairman and Comcast Vice President of External Affairs. “All Council members will benefit from the increased resources, knowledge, and advocacy to promote thriving communities and a prospering economy.”

“The merger will immediately enhance Henry County’s economic development brand value as we continue seeking high-paying jobs that are enhanced by our logistical accessibility,” said Mayor Judy Neal of Stockbridge, who is a previous Executive Director of Henry Council. “I believe this is a powerhouse merger – which I strongly support.”
The Council for Quality Growth will create a Henry County Advisory Committee, the ninth in its series of committees that offer members the opportunity to interact with state and local elected officials. Mayor Judy Neal of Stockbridge will speak at the first Henry County Advisory Committee meeting in February 2017.