Tax Allocation Districts

On October 6th, the Gwinnett BOC approved the creation of five Tax Allocation Districts.  The Five Districts are within the three existing CIDs, and will be used to finance redevelopment in Gwinnett County.  The Council for Quality Growth fully supports the approval of these districts.

The five TADs approved by the Redevelopment Agency are:

Jimmy Carter Boulevard TAD (Gwinnett Village)
Indian Trail TAD (Gwinnett Village)
Park Place TAD (Evermore)
Lake Lucerne TAD (Evermore)
Gwinnett Place TAD

Altogether, these five TADs have a total taxable value of $640.3 million.  Through infrastructure improvements via TAD financing, these proiperties are projected to increase value to $1.9 billion in fifteen years.

An executive summary of the TAD Redevelopment Plans can be found HERE.