Stormwater Design Manual Bedding & Backfill Requirements

Throughout the month of January, Council staff met several times with County officials to address various areas of concern regarding the new Bedding and Backfilling requirements of the SSFISS manual. After much discussion, County officials agreed to revisit the issue and thoroughly review its requirements. As part of the process, the County has agreed to allow an administrative waiver process that includes a financial hardship waiver and a “non-hot soils” waiver. Developers and builders who have already set their budgets and can show documentation that the additional costs were not included can request a waiver based on a hardship. Developers and builders can also produce USGS soil maps for their projects and if your property does not include areas with “hot soils”, the projects can be exempted from the bedding/ backfilling requirements. Furthermore, the county has agreed to research other methods, such as wrapping, as alternative solutions to bedding and backfilling. For those projects with known “hot soils”, bedding with a granular material will be required. For more details please contact Jerry Presley.