Solution Looking for a Problem? Council for Quality Growth Opposes Decatur Moratoriums

Before a packed crowd on Monday night, the Council for Quality Growth expressed opposition on two moratoriums before the Decatur City Commission.
The proposed Ordinances were a staff and Commission response to a group of citizens concerned with a growing number of infill developments;  The Ordinances put a halt to large tree removal more than 12 inches in diameter and single-family residential structural demolitions.
In the end, the Ordinance that placed a moratorium on tree removals passed on a 4-0 vote, with the single-family residential demolition moratorium failing to pass on a 3-2 vote, with Mayor Baskett and Commissioner Fred Boykin casting the “aye” votes.
(You can view the proposed Ordinances HERE and HERE).
The Commission voted in favor for the tree moratorium and commissioned a study in order to understand the effects that tree removals were having on the city, and to place a hold on them as the city debates the direction to go as a new Unified Development Ordinance takes shape for approval late next year. However, it was not as apparent the benefits were by placing a moratorium on single-family and after a long debate, the proposed Ordinance was voted down.
The Council, along with the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association, submitted a joint legal analysis of both Ordinances, to the Commission, drafted by Council Executive Committee Member and Weissman, Curry, Nowak & Wilco Partner Doug Dillard, which can be found HERE.
It remains to be seen which direction the City of Decatur will move towards when the final Unified Development Ordinance is approved, but the Council will continue to work with the city as they move forward in the process.