Snellville Considers Development Regs & Zoning Code Amendments

The City of Snellville’s Planning Commission is evaluating a number of possible changes to the City’s Development Regs and Zoning Codes.  These changes include revising Registered Agent requirements to specify that developers who obtain a Site Development Permit designate a registered agent who is located within Gwinnett County and can be contacted 24-hrs per day for enforcement issues and/or issuance of citations.  The changes also include new requirements for the removal of silt fencing within 30-days of stabilization or prior to issuance of Certificates of Occupancy, which ever comes first.  Furthermore, the City wishes to revise its detention pond maintenance requirements to extend the bond period to 24 months for detention ponds and require a volume certification prior to bond release.  Finally, the City wants to extend the bond period to address new street maintenance issues and require all developers to post a bond guaranteeing street maintenance.  The items were approved by the Planning Commission on January 23rd.  They will go before the City Council for second reading and vote on February 26.  For more details click the documents below:

Snellville Memo- Proposed Ordinance and Regulation Amendments

Article 4- Permits for Development or Construction

Article 8- Site Grading, Stormwater Detention, Etc.

Article 11- Procedures

Article 17- Property Maintenance

Chapter 54, City Code of Ordinances – Registered Agent