Snellville City Council adopts Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments

At its regular meeting on July 23rd, the City Council voted to adopt several Zoning Ordinance text amendments to Articles 9, 14, & 15.  Article 9 amendments were to the City’s R-HOP (senior housing) category.  The revisions were aimed at ensuring that re-zonings of R-HOP classifications would not set a precedent for higher density for future re-zonings and land uses in low-density residential areas.  Articles 14 & 15 amendments modified procedures & submittal requirements for applications to the Planning Commission and ZBA.  The new regulations require the submittal of digital copies of  all documents in the form of a CD using either PDF or DWG formats, submittal of architectural renderings, submittal of a Certificate of Title, verification by Gwinnett County of property tax payment and changes the deadlines for application submittals from 36 days to 42 days prior to the hearing date.  It also requires the scheduling of a pre-submittal conference with Planning Department staff.

Article 9 Memo

Article 9 (R-HOP) Amendments

Articles 14 & 15 Memo

Article 14 Amendments

Article 15 Amendments

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