Share your Thoughts: MARTA’s New Rail Car Graphics

October 9th is the last day to submit your thoughts on MARTA’s new exterior rail car graphic design. In 2019 MARTA’s board of directors approved an agreement with Stadler Rail to usher in a new generation of rail cars. 254 rail cars are expected to deliver between 2023 and 2028, but the time to decide on MARTA’s new look is now. You can access the survey here to explore the 4 themes, Minimalist, Flowing Ribbons, Neighborhoods, and Tracks, and submit your input. The pilot rail car will be revealed in 2022.

The next generation of rail cars will also feature :

  • an open gangway design with modernized electronic signage and public address system,
  • more comfortable seating,
  • handholds and stanchions with better functionality,
  • wheelchair locations,
  • charging stations,
  • luggage space,
  • and enhanced video surveillance.