SAT Scores in Georgia Make Gradual Improvement

A recent study shows that Georgia’s SAT scores have risen approximately 5 points since last year. Interestingly, Georgia has had an increase in the number of test takers which usually results in lower test scores. “I’m extremely pleased that SAT scores increased so much this year,” said Georgia Superintendent John Barge.  Additionally, the writing portion of the SAT in Georgia has improved, although, it is not a critical portion of the SAT.

Students here in Georgia scored 1452 out of a total 2400, which is a 7 point increase from 2011. The other sections, the English and math portion is heavily considered and Georgia English portion improved from 485 to 488. The math section improved from 487 to 489. Overall, the five point increase came from the combined critical reading and math score of 977, which is still below the national average score, which stands at 1010.  Improvement, however is important and we are proud of our Georgia students, parents and educators.