Revenues Take Off as Airports land Georgia Additional Taxes

he Georgia Department of Transportation released figures this past Thursday showing an additional 137 million dollars provided by the states airports.

Georgia has a number of airports, 104 to be exact; these airports support approximately 417,000 jobs statewide paying nearly 17.8 billion dollars in wages. Georgia’s airports are an essential piece to the economic development of the Region and state and are directly tied to the success of the states seaports as well. Many of the states airports rank nationally in size and salaries of local airports nationwide and the GDOT holds them in high regard, awarding approximately 2 million dollars a year to projects. With the July 31, 2012 Regional Transportation Referendum nearly upon us GDOT released this statement, “In districts where the referendum passes, the Department of Transportation will be responsible for project delivery. An independent study ranked Georgia’s DOT first in the country in on-budget project delivery and second in on-time delivery, Project delivery is what Georgia DOT does. Referendum projects assigned to the department will be completed on time and on budget.” This statement only further serves as evidence of the confidence GDOT has in the RTR and the benefits it will provide the state of Georgia.