Resurrecting Milton: Partisan Politics and the Future of Fulton County

North Fulton’s finest, cautiously optimistic in Fulton County’s socio-economic struggle for survival.

Citing a desire for reducing government’s reach and a decrease in taxes, legislators from Milton, Alpharetta and Roswell are banding together in the fight for the re-creation of Milton County. Stepping into this political ring are House Speaker Pro Tem, Jan Jones (R-Milton), Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta) and John Albers (R-Roswell), each in their respective corners. As stated at a recent legislative session review meeting, Jones believes much of the opposition to dividing Fulton County into three smaller counties is stemming from solely partisan roots and is not based upon any real facts at all, but believes most republicans would vote in favor of the proposed resolution. Boding well for Jones, there will be a North Fulton majority in both the House and Senate delegations next legislative session, a composition many hope will aide in the successful passage of this controversial proposal. Another source of opposition, according to Rep. Martin, is a simple misconception, holding that some are making this a racial issue. Martin believes quite the opposite and that each sector of Fulton County would be benefited by a decrease in taxes and that in its current state, Fulton County’s over taxation could be thwarted by this resolution. There will be an additional forum to provide further updates and answer questions, hosted by Rep. Albers on May 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Roswell Country Club. As both sides are entrenched in their stances, Jones plans to chip away at Fulton County’s impact on its residences lives, to the extent that she hopes to remove all opposition to this resolution.

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