Residential Rezoning Moratorium Extended 90 Another Days

On Thursday, April 5th the Forsyth BOC held its monthly meeting where commissioners voted 3-2 to extend the current Residential Re-zoning application moratorium an additional 90 days.  In an article written in the Forsyth County News on Sunday, April 1st, Commissioners Laughinghouse, Richard, and Harrell where quoted saying they would vote to extend the moratorium another 90 days or more.  Each stated that they wanted to increase lot sizes and eliminate certain density categories presumably to reduce the amount of new homes being constructed.

On March 13th, the BOC heard a staff report on the completed Infrastructure Survey that was required under the original residential re-zoning moratorium issued in January 2007. The report provided a complete assessment of transportation, water, and sewer infrastructure within the County for 2007, 2010, and 2015.  For more information please contact Jerry Presley at 770-813-3373.

Click here to see the Forsyth County’s Final Reports on the Infrastructure Survey.