Recap: South Metro Roundtable with Invest Clayton’s Executive Director, Larry Vincent

South Metro Roundtable Recap
December 19th, 2023
Speaker: Larry Vincent, Executive Director, Invest Clayton

On Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, the Council for Quality Growth welcomed Larry Vincent as the featured speaker of December’s South Metro Roundtable. As the Executive Director of Invest Clayton, Vincent provided a comprehensive overview of Clayton County’s current state, its notable strengths, and exciting opportunities for growth and development. Thank you Mr. Vincent for your time, CERM for sponsoring, and the ATL Airport CID for hosting the meeting.

Vincent began the presentation by shedding light on Clayton County’s demographic landscape. With a current population of 300,000 and a projected growth to 500,000 in the next 5-6 years, Clayton County is on the brink of significant transformation. Vincent emphasized that “that’s when the rules change,” and more gets done. The demographic profile is marked by youthfulness, he said, with 33% of the population under the age of 18, and only 10.9% over the age of 65. The unemployment rate has also decreased from 13.8% to 4.4%, resulting in a ~$700 million recovery of aggregate household income. Workforce housing remains a focus for the County, but Vincent emphasized the need for smart development and a respect for the existing community.

Several strengths position Clayton County as a hub for growth and development. Geographically, the County benefits from growth in the broader region and state, and most notably its proximity to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Strong transportation infrastructure, diverse development initiatives, and major employment hubs contribute to the county’s allure, Vincent said, with a particular emphasis on commercial and industrial development.

Vincent outlined various opportunities for Clayton County. Key initiatives include the ongoing update of the Comprehensive Plan (expected mid-2024), the Tara Boulevard Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) from I-75 to Lovejoy, and the MARTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Project. Also discussed were the redevelopment of Southlake Mall, the establishment of Clayton County’s business incubator, and the County’s ambitious Mountain View project, where vacant land immediately south of the airport is being rezoned for commercial and industrial purposes. Vincent embraced “hitching our wagon” to the airport for job creation and contracting opportunities; 84% of Hartsfield Jackson is situated in Clayton County, he said, emphasizing its importance to the County.

Aerial View of Mountain View Property (~200 Acres)

See below to download the presentation from today’s meeting.

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