Recap: North Fulton Advisory Roundtable with Commissioner Bridget Thorne, District 1, Fulton County

North Fulton Roundtable Recap
February 2nd, 2024
Speakers: Commissioner Bridget Thorne, District 1, Fulton County

On Friday, February 2nd, 2024, the Council for Quality Growth welcomed District 1’s Commissioner Bridget Thorne to the North Fulton Roundtable. Thank you Commissioner Thorne for your time, and Jacobs for sponsoring the meeting.

Commissioner Thorne began the meeting by diving into her personal journey, career in software engineering and industrial engineering, and path to running for commissioner. Her major topics of discussion were election integrity, public safety, and government transparency.

Commissioner Thorne’s commitment to election integrity is inspired by having worked in the facilities responsible for the 2020 ballots, she said. Noticing inefficiency and corruption in those facilities, she joined the Republican Party in 2020 and later ran for the District 1 Post, advocating for proper voting systems.

Thorne also advocates for a reevaluation of the justice system, emphasizing mental health solutions over a new, big, and costly jail in Fulton County. She wants the County to create a better system to evaluate what type of help people need. According to the Commissioner, the public safety problem also goes beyond people. Animal shelters are overcrowded, stray dogs roam the streets, and unprepared dog owners are “taught to treat dogs poorly and, in this habit, learn to treat people poorly, too,” she said. Commissioner Thorne is introducing the “Anti-Backyard Breeder” legislation to curb these issues.

In her pursuit of transparency, Commissioner Thorne seeks more details in government contracting, including cost, vendor, and scope of work. Notably, she championed a revenue-neutral budget with no tax increases, emphasizing accountability in the spending of public money.