Recap: Henry Roundtable with Mayor Anthony Ford, City of Stockbridge

Henry County Roundtable Recap
January 17th, 2024
Speaker: Mayor Anthony Ford, City of Stockbridge

On Wednesday, January 17th, 2024, the Council for Quality Growth welcomed Mayor Anthony Ford to January’s Henry County Roundtable. Thank you Mayor Ford for your time, Falcon Design Consultants for sponsoring the meeting, and the Henry Chamber of Commerce for hosting.

Mayor Ford began by recognizing the City of Stockbridge’s public safety priorities. Since July 2022, Stockbridge has seen substantial strides in law enforcement, marked by a new police force, a state-of-the-art headquarters, and crime reduction. The city’s mental health response and community programs have earned it recognition as a model agency. Mayor Ford also highlighted the City’s Public Works team which has received accolades for its efficient operations to implement road resurfacing, sidewalk replacements, and a comprehensive Parks Master Plan.

Ford’s major focus for the meeting was economic development. Stockbridge is investing $30.4 million in current and new projects, with an emphasis on road improvements and downtown development. Ford discussed major projects like the Bridges at Jodeco and the award-winning Stockbridge Amphitheater, and the achievements of Economic Development Director Kim Allonce who is working to improve business initiatives, issue new licenses, support existing businesses, and put funds to work from the 2022 TSPLOST. Ford also highlighted the proposed Stockbridge Tax Allocation District (TAD). Together, all of these business-friendly initiatives encourage mixed-use development and create high-wage and high-value jobs, Ford said.

Stockbridge’s “The Bridge” Amphitheater

Meanwhile the Community Development department, led by interim Director Ryan Anderson, is hard at work to encourage the appropriate developments. They are focused on citywide zoning cases and rezoning modifications for various projects, which Ford discussed in length. Major constructions plans in 2023 include everything from hotels, to apartments and townhomes, to commercial and retail. The signature project for Stockbridge and Henry County, according to Ford, will be a new $350mm development with residential mixed use, entertainment venues, restaurants, and new jobs.

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