Recap: Henry County Roundtable with District IV’s Commissioner Vivian Thomas

Henry County Roundtable Recap
December 20th, 2023
Speaker: Commissioner Vivian Thomas, District 4, Henry County

On Wednesday, December 20th, 2023, the Council for Quality Growth welcomed Commissioner Vivian Thomas as keynote speaker for December’s Henry County Roundtable. Thank you Commissioner Thomas for your time, CIA Media Group for sponsoring, and the Henry Chamber for hosting the meeting.

Having served in District IV for five impactful years, Commissioner Thomas discussed Henry County’s current state, emphasized smart economic development, and called attention to critical issues like mental health and climate change. She also outlined her vision for District IV as a “professional and medical hub,” acknowledging the collaborative efforts of her dedicated and capable team, and the importance of interacting with community members.

Henry County Roundtable – December 20th, 2023

Addressing local infrastructure, Commissioner Thomas discussed Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG) and the road improvement projects that are underway in District IV. Communication with constituents, in her view, is traditionally the most glaring hole of these projects. She wants to ensure that residents are well-informed about infrastructure projects that directly impact their daily lives, pledging to bridge this information gap. Commissioner Thomas then provided updates on key developments, including Oak Grove Vista — a mixed-use village featuring 400 units and retail space.

Oak Grove Conceptual Site Plan

The Commissioner also recognizes the need for a transportation adjustment in Henry County. Advocating for real bike lanes and alternative transportation options, she shared insights into the county’s transportation plan and efforts to elevate it to meet the needs of a growing community. The County is thirty years behind in transportation development, she said, and has hired a new director of Transportation Planning, Sam Baker, to steer Henry County in the right direction.

Combatting climate change, Commissioner Thomas concluded, will require transportation improvements and smarter residential development, like more green space.

See below for a copy of Commissioner Thomas’ presentation.

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