Quality Growth Institute

The Quality Growth Institute is your solution to keeping up with the rapidly changing technologies in the growth and development sector. Our programs are designed to provide continuing education opportunities, many of which are accredited by one or more professional organizations. If you are in architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, government, or in legal practice, the Quality Growth Institute has learning opportunities for you.

As a 501(c)3 foundation, The Quality Growth Institute, can accept for tax deductible gifts, grants and donations and operates as the educational, research and charitable arm of the Council.

The mission of QGI will continue to be the promotion of educational and community efforts directed to quality growth, best practices, and professional development. Additionally, we will engage in community outreach, work with local governments, and engage in economic aid growth policy studies. QGI is the home of our charitable efforts such as our Council Cares Fund.

The funding of these efforts in QGI requires resources beyond and separate from our normal membership and program operations. The long-term opportunities provided by establishing this foundation are many, including building a corpus for future endeavors and sustaining our educational mission.