Planning Community Development Commissioner James Shelby Steps Down: Deputy Commissioner Terri Lee To Run Day to Day Affairs of the Office

Technical Advisory Committee Discusses Zoning Ordinance Rewrite and Other Changes

In a surprising move, longtime Planning and Community Development Department Head James Shelby resigned from the job he had held since 2008, a holdover from the tenure of Mayor Shirley Franklin.  With no immediate plans for a new Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner Terri Lee will run the day to day affairs of the office, with the Mayor’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer serving as point man to ensure issues remain prioritized.  This was discussed at the City Atlanta’s Technical Advisory Committee Meeting this past Tuesday.

As you may recall, the Atlanta City Council, with the behest and backing of the Council for Quality Growth and MARTG partners (listed below), passed an ordinance that created the Office of Buildings Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), with Mayor Reed appointing a key advisory committee to oversee the Enterprise Fund, a provision left from the overhaul of Atlanta’s Building Permit Reform package.   The TAC, chaired by Council for Quality Growth Executive Committee Member Scott Selig, of Selig Enterprises, is composed of nine members appointed by the Mayor, with 7 of the appointments stemming from recommendations of interested stakeholder groups. It is charged with advising and making recommendations to the Mayor, the Commissioner of Planning and Community Development and the Director of Office of Buildings on service levels, procedures, fees and staffing, along with providing insight into the permitting process and monitoring revenues and expenses for the Office of Buildings Enterprise Fund.   The Committee includes:

  • Joe Wilber, of Gables Residential, nominated by the American Apartment Association;
  • Dennis McConnell, a home builder, nominated by the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association;
  • Katherine Molyson, of Cousins Properties, nominated by the Council for Quality Growth; (Secretary)
  • Scott Selig, of Selig Enterprises, nominated by the International Council of Shopping Centers; (Chairman)
  • Kevin O’Sullivan, of Cohen, Pollock Merlin and Small, nominated by BOMA ;
  • Kevin Curry, of Selig Enterprises, nominated by the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors;
  • Angela Priest Fanney, of Kimley Horn, nominated by the American Council of Engineers;
  • Charles Taylor, a real estate lawyer and developer, appointed by the Mayor; (Vice-Chairman)
  • Scott Taylor, president of Carter, appointed by the Mayor.

Additionally, the search continues to name a permanent Director for the Office of Buildings following the departure of former Director Don Rosenthal, with Michael Nagy serving as the Interim Director.  The Committee made sure to vocalize their desire to stay involved in the process of selecting the new Director.   The Committee was also briefed on the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite and an update to the RFP process for the Zoning Code rewrite.  The Office of Planning received one response to the RFP and oral interviews will take place on September 18th with the respondent.  The goal is to issue a contract before October 17th.  This will be a multi-year process when the rewrite begins and the Council will be involved as participants and contributors to the process.   The next TAC meeting will take place on October 7th at 10:30am at Atlanta City Hall in the 3rd Floor Arborists Conference Room.

Click HERE to view the September 9th  minutes compiled by Katherine Molyson.