Permit Reform Public Hearing

The Community Development/Human Resources Committee held a public hearing on the proposed permit reform legislation on September 13th.  The legislation proposed is intended to improve the permit process, focus on customer service and maximize efficiency within the Office of Buildings.  Members of the Council for Quality Growth and other stakeholders were in attendance to speak on behalf of the legislation.  The proposal will:

  • Consolidate all permitting functions under one entity improving Atlanta’s Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating.
  • Train staff in International Code Council standards where they will receive $2000 for each certification that is received and maintained.
  • Establish an Enterprise Fund and permit fee structure to support the improved permitting process and maintain training within the division.

City Council plans to have a joint work session on the legislation on September 22nd in Committee Room #2 in City Hall from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  The Council will be present and we encourage anyone with a vested interest in permit reform to participate.  You can read the legislative overview and talking points for the legislation here.