Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason Featured at Gwinnett Advisory Committee Meeting

Tuesday, Peachtree Corners’ Mayor Mike Mason was the featured guest at the Council for Quality Growth’s Gwinnett Advisory Committee meeting.  Mayor Mason gave the Council members a background on the beginnings of Peachtree Corners, which is soon to be Gwinnett’s largest city.  Peachtree Corners currently has a population of 38,000, but that is expected to grow to 58,000 in the next two decades.  Gwinnett County will provide public works, police and fire, through intergovernmental contracts, while Peachtree Corners will have authority over code enforcement, solid waste and planning and zoning.  In the meantime, Gwinnett County is expected to pass an IGA to administer the planning and zoning permits for Peachtree Corners.

Mayor Mason took questions from Council members on the current moratorium of the issuance of permits in Peachtree Corners.  Currently, unless a project was vested by the May 1 moratorium date, no permit can be issued by Gwinnett County.  While this was not the intention of the Mayor, it was pointed out that this applies not only to adult venues, like the “Loveshack” issue that occurred in John’s Creek, but to new single-family homes, down to approval for a new water heater in an existing home.  Mr. Mason was receptive and introduced a proposed timeline that he hoped would give guidance to those in the development community.

June 26th – Second public hearing on the budget;

June 30th – Peachtree Corners Council meets at midnight to pass an additional 30-day moratorium;

July 2nd – Bring in a contract planner to begin the process of establishing Peachtree Corners zoning procedures;

July 23rd – City is expected to have all issues resolved in order to lift the moratorium and allow Gwinnett to begin issuing permits.

Mayor Mason stated it was not his intention to disrupt current projects in residential areas or hinder commercial progress in this new city.  The Council believes there are ways to correct this unintended consequence and will be working with the Mayor and Gwinnett County to resolve this critical issue.