Overlay Zoning & Street Design and Improvement Standards Revisions

On October 17th, the Woodstock Planning Commission heard a request from City staff to amend the City’s Land Development Ordinance regarding Overlay Zoning Districts and Street Design and Improvement Standards.  The majority of the changes are minor text amendments related to formatting and definitions.  The Planning Commission recommended approval.  The City Council is expected to hold a public hearing on the items at its next meeting on November 19th.  Other more important changes to the ordinance are expected over the next several months. 


The Woodstock City Council continues work on revising its current Site Plan Approval process to require that all Final Plats and Plan Reviews be approved by the City Council. The item was discussed at the Council’s August 13th and July 23rd meetings, but the City Council did not take action on the matter.  The item is expected to be further discussed at the Council’s September meeting.  Please check back for updates.