Midtown Connector Transportation Improvement Project Community Engagement Update

The MCP Foundation launched its introduction to a series of community engagement events with a website (www.abetterconnector.com). This microsite will segue into a series of 7 video information sessions (https://abetterconnector.com/community/) on the Midtown Connector Transportation Improvement Project.    You may remember this project from the virtual Public Information Open House over the summer that garnered some 4,000+ visitors.   The project is now 2/3rds of the way through a 3-year feasibility process and is ready for a robust community conversation on the project, its benefits, and public and private funding options that could make it a reality. These initial public information resource links have just gone live, and we encourage to explore this first public step.

In the coming weeks, the MCP Foundation will host multiple virtual community conversations that will explain the project in more detail. The posted virtual sessions will explore specific areas of the project and will respond to questions from all of you. Please see the conversations below.

  • Conversation 1 – A Greener Heart for Atlanta
  • Conversation 2 – Inspiring Inspiration
  • Conversation 3 – Free to Move
  • Conversation 5 – Places & Spaces to Explore
  • Conversation 6 – Healthier for All
  • Conversation 7 – Prepare to Prosper
  • Conversation 8 – What You’ve Shared, What We’ve Learned

The Midtown Connector Transportation Improvement Project (MCTIP) is a unique public-private partnership with a vision to restore the transportation network and create a park and greenspace while responsibly tackling environmental and equity issues in our community. Spanning from North Avenue to 10th Street, the project will combine vertically integrated transportation fixes with public gathering spaces, enhance roads and connectivity, improve mobility in Midtown, and transform life in Atlanta and beyond for generations to come.