Council for Quality Growth Appoints Nine 2024 Advisory Roundtable Chairs

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Council for Quality Growth Appoints Nine 2024 Advisory Roundtable Chairs
Member Engagement Initiative Led by 2024 Chair Sally Riker

The Council for Quality Growth formally announces the appointment of nine Chairs to oversee the strategic direction of the Advisory Roundtable programs in nine regional areas. Since early in its 39-year history, the Council has held monthly Advisory Roundtable meetings specifically for members to convene with elected officials or other public sector leaders and discuss local policies and their impact on development. These were set up to be a means for the Council for Quality Growth and its membership to collaborate with local policy makers on what is needed to achieve quality growth in various parts of the metro Atlanta region. Today, there are nine regularly occurring Advisory Roundtables each month in nine key parts of our metropolitan area, including the City of Atlanta, Cherokee County, Cobb County, DeKalb County, Forsyth County, Gwinnett County, Henry County, North Fulton County, and the South Metro region.

Under the leadership of its 2024 Chair, Sally Riker, the Council has carefully selected and appointed the following nine members to serve as Chairs of each of these Advisory Roundtables:

  • City of Atlanta: Pamela Monastra, VP of Acquisition & Development, Clark Construction Group
  • Cherokee County: Trey Ragsdale, Manager, Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente
  • Cobb County: Stacey Chapman, Principal, SVP, Owner, CROFT & Associates
  • DeKalb County: Andy Macke, Vice President Client Services, CERM
  • Forsyth County: Christie Sims, Vice President, Atlanta, Hussey Gay Bell
  • Gwinnett County: Melody Glouton, Partner, Andersen, Tate & Carr
  • Henry County: Mike Crawford, Business Development Manager, Falcon Design Consultants
  • North Fulton County: Matt Kraczon, Associate & Director of Business Development, PGAL Architects
  • South Metro: Hamilton Holmes, Business Development Director, Pieper O’Brien & Herr Architects

These Advisory Chairs will work with Council staff to strengthen the programs of their respective Roundtables, strategically planning content and speakers that align with the business interests of the members that participate each month. These inaugural Advisory Chairs are each Council for Quality Growth members that have displayed a commitment to supporting their Advisory Roundtable group and to staying abreast of policy movement in their area of interest. They have been charged with guiding the direction of the Advisory Roundtable program in 2024 using their experiences and expertise of the development landscape in their specific area of the region.

This initiative is part of a larger effort to increase member engagement in 2024, a priority of Riker’s. She is the 37th Chair of the Council for Quality Growth, and she’s been part of its Executive Committee since 2021, playing an integral role in the organization’s strategic planning over the last 3 years. During her tenure as Chair, Riker hopes to strengthen the “foundation” of the Council – its membership – by creating new opportunities for individuals to engage with the broader mission and purpose of the organization. “Everything the Council does, everything we advocate for, is because of who we represent,” said Riker. “By providing more opportunities for our members to engage and collaborate, we’re able to advance the Council’s mission and continue to impact the region.”

The Council for Quality Growth has seen consistent growth in its membership over the last several years. “It is important that we adapt our offering to meet the needs of our members,” said Michael Paris, President & CEO. “As our organization and industry continue to grow, our advocacy work becomes that much more impactful across the region. We’re looking forward to this new direction under the guidance and expertise of our Advisory Chairs.”

The nine Advisory Roundtables are open exclusively to members of the Council for Quality Growth. Each roundtable has a regular and recurring monthly schedule, and the Council’s policy team is working with the Chairs daily to create both timely and relevant programming.

A current calendar of all Advisory Roundtable meetings is available at

Next Steps for CQG Members:
The next step of this membership engagement initiative involves identifying a Vice Chair plus four additional committee members in each roundtable geography. The Chair, Vice Chair, and their member committee will work collectivity to represent the interests of the Council for Quality Growth members attending the 9 Advisory Roundtables. These committees will help to establish new opportunities for creative speakers and formats that support productive and timely policy discussions. In the coming weeks, members that are part of the roundtable groups can expect a call for committee applications. Council staff and the inaugural Advisory Chairs will select committee members based on prior engagement with the Advisory Roundtable program, industry sector, and knowledge of the community they will represent. Only active members of the Council for Quality Growth will be considered for committee seats. We look forward to creating new opportunities for member engagement as the Council extends its reach across the metro Atlanta region.