Meet Arjun Ramani

Arjun Ramani
Global Business & Economics Correspondent
The Economist

Arjun Ramani is an economist and journalist and focuses on innovation policy, finance and macroeconomics. His recent features include the restructuring of venture capital, economic policy in the Covid era and a new way of measuring inflation concentration. Previously he worked on an emerging markets trading desk at Citadel and on economic policy at the White House Council of Economic Advisors.

Ramani graduated with honors from Stanford University where he studied economics and computer science and was a Kennedy Prize winner. He edited the data journalism section of the school newspaper, The Stanford Daily, and worked to improve campus data transparency. Ramani continues to do research at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research with Professor Nick Bloom. Arjun’s most recent paper shows how working-from-home has led to a “donut effect” in America’s largest cities and has been covered by Bloomberg, Vox and The Economist among other outlets.