May Poll Shows Majority Support for Transportation Referendum

Eighty-Seven Percent Agree the Metro Atlanta Region Must Address Its Traffic Problem

The Untie Atlanta campaign conducted a live telephone poll of 600 voters likely to go to the polls for the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum. The results show that we are leading on the ballot with 51 percent voting “yes” and 36 percent voting “no”.

Among registered Democrats, our support is nearly 60 percent and among suburbanites, the referendum is polling at 52 percent voting “yes”.

An overwhelming majority of those polled, 87 percent agreed with the statement that “metro Atlanta has a traffic problem and something must be done about it.” Even those not yet voting “yes” realize that addressing traffic congestion is essential to moving our region forward.

The attached poll memo gives further analysis into the results. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to educate the electorate on the travel and economic benefits of voting “yes” on the July 31 Regional Transportation Referendum.

To learn more and read the full memo click HERE.