Mass Grading

The Council recently learned that Commissioner Beaudreau has expressed a desire to stop all Mass Grading within the County. The issue came up during a recent discussion at the Tree Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting. District 3 Representative Marguerite Whitwell brought the matter up during an “off-the-record” discussion about the County’s proposed Tree Ordinance revisions. She stated that Commissioner Beaudreau has told her that the issue of mass grading should have been addressed in the revisions and that he was displeased with the recommendations of the committee. According to Ms. Whitwell, he wanted a more restrictive ordinance that was more in line with the Athens-Clarke County ordinance. As part of that discussion, she said that he flatly stated that he wanted to adopt a similar ordinance to the one passed by Athens-Clarke County that recently banned the practice of mass grading. The Council will closely follow this issue closely and will update our members as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.