MARTA Issues RFQ for Brookhaven Mixed-Use Development


MARTA and the City of Brookhaven have joined together to begin converting the surface parking lots at the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe MARTA station into a transient-oriented development (“TOD”).  The press release states that “the Brookhaven project is another example of MARTA’s goal of launching five TODs within two years.” MARTA is seeking RFQs from qualified private developers “capable of developing the property in a manner consistent with . . . TOD guidelines. Only firms that have been pre-qualified will be invited to the Request for Proposals, which will include a detailed development plan and a financial model that demonstrates the potential economic return to MARTA.”  The guidelines reflect three overarching goals:

  • (1) Generate greater transit ridership by clustering mixed-use development around stations and along corridors;
  • (2) Promote a sustainable, affordable and growing future for the people of Metro Atlanta; and
  • (3) Generate a return on MARTA’s transit investment.

Brookhaven will partner with MART providing technical assistance and advice throughout the development process. District 3 City Councilman, Bates Mattison, expressed his excitement to the Council for Quality Growth about this opportunity, explaining that, “This is an exciting opportunity to create a smart, transient-oriented development that has the opportunity to create a true city center for the City of Brookhaven. The City of Brookhaven looks forward to this partnership opportunity with MARTA. The partnership is critical to attracting quality developers to the City of Brookhaven.”

The closing date for the RFQ process is September 18th. Detailed information on the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe RFQ can be found HERE .