MARTA General Manager: Face lift Needed for Troubled Transit

Incoming MARTA General Manager Keith Parker has a daunting task on his hands, as he prepares to lead the agency in December.  Not only will the Legislative Session start within a month of his arrival, which will most likely have MARTA on the forefront of the agenda, but also union contract negotiations in the spring loom ahead.

In the recent KPMG audit, functions that could be outsourced, such as payroll and cleaning work, could save the agency between $60 and $142 million over the next five years.  This does not sit well with Union leaders who will most assuredly fight the measure.

State Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Atlanta) recently indicated at the Council for Quality Growth’s DeKalb Advisory Meeting that legislation what would address privatization requirements, among other measures would most likely be introduced in the 2013 Session.

Parker plans to do a massive community outreach by meeting with legislators, city officials, the public and others in order to gain valuable input and help turn around the agency.

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