Legislature Passes Historic Transit Governance and Funding Bill

Late Thursday night, the final day of the 2018 legislative session, the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia State Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of House Bill 930, creating the Atlanta Transit Link (ATL) Authority. The Bill, which passed the House by 155-19 and the Senate by 48-6, for the first time ever creates a comprehensive, regional transit body to oversee, plan, and coordinate funding for transit in the 13-county metro Atlanta region.

The Council has made regional transit funding and governance a top priority this Session, and has used its platform to advocate for this legislation in public forums and through media outlets. We would like to thank Chairman Kevin Tanner and Chairman Brandon Beach for their diligent work in getting this historic legislation adopted, and encourage all of our members to commend the Chairmen, members of the Conference Committee, local government delegations, and Senators and Representatives that voted in favor of this legislation. A full analysis of the final bill will be available early next week.

The final legislation can be found here.