KSU Head Football Coach’s First Public Appearance at Council’s Cobb Advisory Meeting

The Council’s Cobb Advisory Meeting was a lively one yesterday, as Kennesaw State University’s Athletic Director, Vaughn Williams the first head football coach at KSU, named only Tuesday, Brian Bohannon.   During his first public appearance Wednesday at the Council, Bohannon  provided great insight into the future of the program, which begins recruiting on April 15 and will begin the first season of play in 2015.

The addition of KSU’s football program will provide an enormous economic impact, not only in Cobb County, but in the metro region.  As KSU begins the process of selecting a conference and selling tickets, hype for the program will continue to build as the reality continues to unfold.  Tickets will be in limited supply, as the current stadium seats only 8,300 and the Coach and Vaughn encouraged Council Members who wanted tickets to sign their letters of intent as soon as possible.  Council members were provided with the newest KSU football gear,  information on ticket packages, along with other gifts from the Alumni Department.

Williams thanked the Council for the work that members have done in the Cobb community and believes the Council will prove to be an asset to the economic development in Cobb County and to the KSU Athletic program.

A huge congratulations is in order for AD Williams, Coach Bohannon, KSU President Dan Papp, and the OWL community.  We wish them all the best and look forward to the success of KSU and the opportunities to work with the University in the future.

The Marietta Daily Journal covered the Council’s meeting and provided a great write up in today’s paper, which can be found HERE.