Invest Atlanta CEO & President Shares Organization’s Role in Impacting Community and Economic Development in Atlanta to Council’s Atlanta Advisory Committee

On September 6th, the Council for Quality Growth’s Atlanta Advisory Committee hosted Invest Atlanta CEO & President Dr. Eloisa Klementich. Klementich shared Invest Atlanta’s priorities, successes, and the wide variety of tools that the organization is using to strategically impact community and economic development in Atlanta.


Klementich described Invest Atlanta’s strategy to drive an economically dynamic and competitive city in the 21st century, highlighting topics such as job creation and retention, increased investment, improved quality of life, and expanding the tax base. Invest Atlanta has made a significant impact on Atlanta’s economy by using a combination of economic and community development tools:

  • Directly involved in the creation of over 36,000 jobs since 2010
  • Generated $5.5B in total capital investment since 2010
  • 95% increase in total economic output since 2013, totaling $11.4B
  • 115% increase in new state and local taxes since 2013, totaling $433M
  • Economic development program funding has achieved a $20:$1 tax ROI


In addition to these impressive figures, Invest Atlanta has been keenly focused on attracting and retaining businesses in the Atlanta region. The organization has utilized market data and analytics to identify company expansion opportunities, company business needs, and companies at risk for relocating. Since 2012, Invest Atlanta’s work with business development has created 6,345 new jobs and retained 198 jobs.


As a part of Invest Atlanta’s vision for balanced community growth, this economic development has been complemented by community development projects. Invest Atlanta has partnered with organizations such as the Westside Future Fund and the Blank Foundation on areas such as employment, housing, education, security, business, and neighborhoods. Klementich emphasized the need for multi-layered community development as opposed to a singular focus on a particular community need. This approach, she noted, will help create more dynamic, healthier communities.


To learn more about Invest Atlanta’s critical work in the Atlanta region that is helping the city thrive, click HERE to view Dr. Eloisa Klementich’s complete presentation.