INPUT NEEDED: Doraville Streamlining Two Major Office Zoning Categories

The city of Doraville is in the process of revising its O-I (Office/Institutional) and O-W (Office/Warehouse) districts.  The purpose is to create a more user-friendly zoning ordinance that updates the list of permitted and conditional uses as well as the development controls of both zoning districts.  Most notably, the city of Doraville is considering implementing new development controls on driveway curb cuts, streetscape design requirements, tree minimum width requirements and sidewalk minimum width requirements for both O-I and O-W districts.  For example, the driveway curb shall be a maximum of 24 feet for two-way entrances and 12 feet for one-way entrances. Street trees shall be spaced at a maximum distance of 40 feet apart, all newly planted street trees shall be single-stemmed with a minimum caliper of three inches measured 36 inches above ground, shall be a minimum of 10 feet in height, shall have a minimum mature height of 40 feet, and shall be limbed up to a minimum height of 7 feet. Doraville City Council will host a special work session to further discuss the proposed ordinance on Monday, The Council for Quality Growth will continue to monitor the proposed amendments to the city’s O-I and O-W districts. If the proposed ordinance would significantly impact your business or current development projects, please email either Taylor Morison at or Kimberly Steele at

To view the proposed development controls to the O-1 and O-2 Office Zoning Districts click here.