Impact Fees

The City of Kennesaw has received the Impact Fee Methodology Report from Ross and Associates.  The report examines capital costs for police and parks and recreation.  Based on plans of the city, the report states that a portion of the $11.2 million in local capital costs for police and parks and recreation facilities, $7.4 million, could come through impact fee collection.  Kennesaw’s impact fees haven’t been updated since 1996, when they were set at $699 per residential unit.  The Impact Fee Methodology Report gives a maximum allowable impact fee per unit of $1542.

On October 19th, the Mayor and City Council held a public hearing on the city’s Capital Improvements Element and sent it to ARC for review.

During the review, the Impact Fee Advisory Committee, on which CQG staff serves, met on November 12th to discuss the proposed fees.  Questions raised include whether or not this is the proper time to increase impact fees, which specific projects will be funded by the fees, whether the fees could be collected at C.O. rather than at permitting, and other policy direction for City Council.

Kennesaw Impact Fee Methodology Report