I-75 Toll Lane Project Underway to Help Congestion in Atlanta’s Northwest Corridor

The I-75 toll lane project, currently under construction, is designed to alleviate traffic in the Northwest Corridor of Atlanta, which is known to be one of the most congested areas in the metro area. This project will cost $834 million to complete and is the most expensive road project in the state’s history. It includes two toll lanes running along I-75 and I- 575 for a total of 30 miles. These lanes will be open to public use in 2018 and the toll will depend on the volume of traffic. Among the 39 bridges included in this project will be the tallest freeway bridge in the state, which will stand at 106 feet tall. One of the most unique features of this project is that the lanes will be reversible. They will flow into the city center in the morning and back out in the afternoon and evening times. The lanes will be completely shut down during midday to allow the transition to occur without problems arising. There will be a series of gates along the toll lanes to either restrict or permit access depending on the time of day. Signs will also be used to inform the public whether or not the lanes are open and what direction they are moving. As an additional precautionary measure, HERO units will sweep the length of the toll lanes to make sure there are no drivers or other hazards remaining in the lanes. This project will bring much needed relief to commuters in Cobb and Cherokee counties by working to decrease commute times and overall congestion.