Historic Downtown Kennesaw to see Future Facelift

The Kennesaw City Council met Monday night at 6:30 pm and approved a central business district (CBD) project in the heart of historic downtown Kennesaw.

The conceptual plan on the table is a $26 million, four story mixed use development located at the corner of Watts Drive and Main Street. The design also includes 9,000 square feet of street retail locations, 240 apartment units and 638 new parking spaces in the area. Unique to developments in the CBD, projects require approval from the Kennesaw Development Authority and the Historic Preservation Commission; both approved the proposed development in June.

Working with developer South City Partners, Mayor Mike Mathews is completely on board with the project highlighting one major benefit: “One of the key defining issues with our downtown is the lack of parking, As a result, it has been the vision of the city for any project developed on the Main Street at Watts Drive property would incorporate a parking deck.”

The City Council voted Monday night, unanimously approving the project:

ITEM: Central Business District (CBD) project approval for property located at the intersection of Main Street and Watts Drive, (SW corner) for South City Partners.  CBD Project proposal incorporates a proposal for a mixed-use project to include approximately 9,000 square feet of street front retail, 240 units in four-story building.  The units will include one and two bedroom apartment homes.  Included with this concept plan are approximately 638 parking spaces.

ACTION:  Vote taken, approved unanimously, 5-0.  AYES: Councilmembers Welsh, Duckett, Jenkins, Killingsworth and Thrash.  Motion carried.

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